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Wall Lamp Wholesale Factory and Supplier from China

Find cheap designer wall lamp manufactured by trusted China factory. Fixtures, wall sconces in various styles, color and material. Contact us for inquiry and OEM & ODM.

Wall lights are a versatile lighting option that can enhance the ambiance of both indoor and outdoor spaces. When used in combination with ceiling lights, a wall-mounted fixture can provide additional illumination, creating a well-lit and inviting environment. Alternatively, choosing wall lights can soften the overall lighting effect and reduce glare, offering a more serene and comfortable atmosphere in any room.In bathrooms, the strategic placement of vanity lights is a key element in creating layered lighting. By flanking a mirror with wall fixtures, you can effectively eliminate shadows on your face that are often caused by harsh overhead lighting. This not only ensures even, flattering illumination for personal grooming and beauty routines but also adds a touch of sophistication to the overall bathroom design." In HS LIGHT, You can customize any wall sconce to fit your project with customed colors,which help you to Keep your project style consistent.