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Wholesale Floor Lamps from Experienced Manufacturer

Shop wholesale floor lamps manufactured by HS LIGHT - trusted manufacturer and factory in China. Specially-designed to be decorative and long-standing, our wholesale floor lamps are the combination of style and quality. Choose from dozens of collections and find what your clients might be interested in.

Material and Style

HS LIGHT is offering wholesale floor lamps in almost all material: metal, wood, marble, glass, and more. Choose whatever that fits your housing, hotel, shops, or any other places.

Find also a combination of classic, vintage, and modern design in our wholesale floor lamp collection. Add those styles to your business portfolio. Any color, height, finishes, etc.

Customization Available

HS LIGHT also provides custom floor lamp as an option. Inquiry for customization, OEM & ODM.

Contact Us for Floor Lamp Wholesale

Looking for modern floor lamp inspiration? Floor lamps are often underestimated as decorative elements for interiors, yet they offer a stylish and practical light source next to sofas or armchairs. Models with focused and adjustable shades are ideal for creating a cozy reading nook next to your favorite armchair, while floor lamps with shades can enhance ambiance and provide light to dark corners of a room. If you're in need of some inspiration, here's a great place to begin." HS LIGHT has more than 15 year to design and customed floor lamps. We know what is the good size for western peole as they are very tall.

Whether it's traditional Edison lights or LED lights, we can always find the most suitable solution for the floor lamp easily. Customizable shapes and customizable colors make your products more competitive.