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Wholesale Table Lamp from Trusted China Manufacturer

Check out our wide collection of wholesale decorative table lamps designed and manufactured by a long-trusted China lighting manufacturer HS LIGHT. Find all kinds of table lamps to add to your business portfolio - wholesale with low price and guaranteed quality.

In any style and material you want

Find wholesale table lamps in any material - metal, leather, wood, glass or marble. HS LIGHT designs our table lamps to be in different combinations. Metal base or wooden base, glass or plastic shade, just choose any kind you want, and made your product shelves richer than ever.

We've also made sure that the designs of our table lamps are diverse enough to meet almost all decorative needs. Find wholesale table lamps in elegant, vintage, modern, or any style that goes with your housing. Suit them perfectly in hotel, malls, household, bedroom, etc.

OEM & ODM available

Already have your own design in mind? Don't worry, HS LIGHT also provides custom table lamp solutions for our clients. Send us an inquiry for OEM & ODM.

When selecting table lamps for a living room or bedroom. A desk lamp should deliver even light over a small area, while bedside lights ought to provide focused or ambient light conducive for reading. Consider styles that complement your decor, such as designer replica lighting for modern settings or shaded lamps for classic ambiance. It's essential to layer your living space with various lighting types, ranging from ceiling lights for general illumination to track lights for focused accents. A table lamp by the sofa can create a cozy, intimate atmosphere in the evening, providing sufficient light and seamlessly blending with your decor. HS LIGHT offers a diverse range of table lamps, with metal frames combined with marble bases and fabric lamp shades being popular choices. The fusion of these elements ensures a high-end aesthetic for the lamps.